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hana da yumiko
Hana da Yumiko
Hana da Yumiko was born on the Japanese island of Kyushu in 1964. She moved to Nagoya, a city on the main island, and graduated from Nanzan University, which was established by Societas Verbi Divini. She studied the Japanese Constitution and international laws and minored in economics, political science, and history.
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Photos of Kyushu, Facebook Page

an onsen, hot spring in Beppu, north-east Kyushu
with my daughter, Yuki, a bay in Tushima, near Korea

Beth (Poema) DeMont, my mentor, who inspired me to write a fiction about my island when my father passed away on my fortieth birthday. Without her support, especially with editing my foreigner’s English, I couldn’t have written these books.